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micah & sarah weesner

A backwoods boy from Traverse City, MI, Micah is your classic soft-hearted lover of the great outdoors. He served as a Marine Officer for several years and now seeks the laid back California life with its choice surf, fish tacos, and lots of hiking. Micah has an innate love for humanity, strong leadership, and of course, anything Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. A true warrior, Micah spent the last year beating an unexpected cancer diagnosis while studying the Enneagram and investing in Sarah's design shenanigans. Now, he takes on the world with a fresh perspective and a desire to see homes changed by intentional design in the most unconventional ways. He's the poster child for Enneagram 1's with a sprinkling of Seven to keep you laughing! Find him watching Gordon Ramsay tutorials, wrapped up in a good read, or convincing Sarah to adopt more dogs.

marine officer • enneagram 1w2


Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Sarah is an avid lover of an ocean breeze, plant fun-facts, and a good evening run. Obtaining her Bachelor's degree in art education and a Masters of Fine Arts in photography and graphic design, she enjoys having one foot in both fine art worlds. As passionate about your home space as she is for people, Sarah is the most Seven-like Enneagram 2 you'll ever meet! After studying the Enneagram for the past several years, her graduate thesis became the birth of Ennteriors. She now seeks to help individuals design, curate, and tailor their spaces according to their Enneagram type. Truly never having met a stranger, be sure to drop a line and say hi- she can't wait to meet you! In the meantime, catch her sipping on some matcha (which according to Micah tastes like grass-ha!), adventuring in SoCal, and feeding her sitcom addiction.

plant mom • enneagram 2w3




It's organic.
It'S functional.
It'S current.
it's yours.

At Ennteriors, we believe that the story your home tells starts with YOU. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and start personalizing your home today!

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